Art. 1 – The Organisation
The Association Forte di Bard, a not-for-profit organisation, is the organiser of the 4th Trail Running, the MonteRosaWalserTrail, a long-distance race off the beaten track, which will take place on Friday 27th July and Sunday 29th July 2018.

Art. 2 – Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions
The MonteRosa Walser Trail will take place in accordance with the present terms and conditions, and any amendments and notifications as published on www.monterosawalsertrail.com.

By taking part in the MonteRosaWalserTrail, contestants accept without any reserve the present terms and conditions in their entirety.

Furthermore, contestants are required to fully respect traffic laws, in particular where the trail cuts through ordinary roadways which will remain open to the traffic.

Contestants are bound by registration to the present terms and conditions, thereby relieving the organisers of any and all civil or criminal liability in the event of any accident, injury or damage to persons or property sustained directly or indirectly during said race.

Art. 3 – The Race
This is a running race in a natural setting along paths, tracks and trails through the Upper Lys Valley in Val d’Aosta, along the feet of Mount Rosa and past Walser’s historical and architectural constructions. Two competitions will take place in the above mentioned areas:

– The MonteRosa Wasler Trail 114 km, with 8,240m of height gain.
– The MonteRosa Walser Trail 50km, with 3,940m of height gain.
– The MonteRosa Walser Trail 20km, with 950m of height gain.

Art. 4 – Admissions
The competition is open to anyone, men and women, aged 18 or over at the time of the race. All participants must provide a medical certificate for sport activities (Ministerial directive of 18.02.1982, B), valid on the date of the race and recognised by the country of residence, whether they belong to companies or sport associations.

Art. 5 – Semi-Autonomy
The race is semi-autonomous in terms of water and food. Refreshment posts have been stocked up with drink and food. Please be aware that plastic cups are not supplied at the refreshment areas, and contestants are required to provide their own drinking cup or container. On leaving each refreshment post, contestants must ensure to carry the minimum required amount of water and food, necessary in order to reach the next refreshment post. Personal assistance on the path race is not tolerated at any time during the race and it is forbidden to be accompanied by anybody that is not formally registered. Weather updates are provided by the local regional weather services.

Art. 6 – Registration
Registration starts on November 2016 and closes on 26 July 2017. Late entries will only be accepted on the day preceding the race, from 11:00am to 10:00pm – race number bibs must be collected at the same time. Registration will in any event close on reaching 800 entries altogether.

In the event of an early closure due to registration having reached 800 entries, the organisers may decide to start a waiting list for any additional entries in the event of cancellations.

Entries must be made preferably online and paid for by credit card via the apposite link of the official website www.monterosawalsertrail.com.

In the event of late entries, a hard copy of the valid medical certificate must be handed over at the time of registration on the day preceding the race. In the event that an entrant is unable to supply a valid sport medical certificate, he/she will not receive the race number bib and will not be allowed to take part in the race. Furthermore, no refund will be made available.

Art. 7 – Registration Fees

The following registration fees are applied:
TRAIL 114 km Registration Fees
(GPS device provided to every runner)
From 16 January until 28th February: €100,00
From March 1st until July 15th: €120,00
From July 16th until July 29th: €140,00

TRAIL 50 km Registration Fees:
From 16 January until 28th February: €55,00
From March 1st until July 15th: €60,00
From July 16th until July 29th: €65,00

TRAIL 20 km Registration Fees:
From 16 January until 28th February: €30,00
From March 1st until July 15th: €35,00
From July 16th until July 29th: €40,00

The enrolment fee includes all services described herein, a race pack, buffet on arrival, assistance and supply of refreshments during the race, as well as transport in the event of withdrawal from the race.

Art. 8 – Entry Fee Reimbursement
Entry fees are wholly non-refundable.

Art. 9 – Mandatory Equipment
By registering, all entrants undertake to personally carry their own mandatory equipment, as listed below, for the entire duration of the race – otherwise disqualification will ensue. All mandatory equipment may be subject to control on collection of the race number bib, at departure and at any point during the race.

114 km Trail
Rucksack or pack
0,8 litre Thermos, handheld or water bottle
 glass or thermos cup (no glasses will be provided at the feed stations
2 head torches for trail running in perfect conditions and with extra batteries for at least 1 torch;
torch must be lit from 9.30pm
survival thermal blanket
bandage min. 200 cm x 4 cmWhistle
mobile phone on throughout the race (please, insert the organization’s emergency number, do not hide your phone number and do not forget to have the battery fully charged
weatherproof, waterproof breathable fabric jacket in Goretex or similar fabric (min. 10.000mm water)
long sleeve pullover or sweater (min. 150 g)
long trousers/pants
spare T-shirt
cap or hat
gloves or mitten
food supply

At base vita in Brusson you will find a feed station where you can have a hot meal of pasta.
In the start line area it is possible to leave a pack provided by the organization itself with the bib number on and with your extra gear in, which will be brought to base vita in Brusson, and finally back to Gressoney-La-Trinité after the race

Mandatory equipment:
Water bottle, or other container (min. capacity 0.5L)
Functioning head-lamp
Survival thermal blanket
Wind breaker
Personal cup, or water bottle with a large lid that can also function as a cup
Mobile phone (please ensure that you save the number of the organisers, not to withhold your number and to charge your battery before the race).

Recommended Equipment
Map of the itinerary as published on the internet link of the race
Indispensable warm clothing in the event of cold weather
Contestants using walking sticks must hold on to them for the entire duration of the race.

Art. 10 – Race Number Bibs

All race number bibs are provided with an integrated chip and are handed over individually to the contestants on presentation of a valid photographic ID, or to a third party producing written proxy along with a photocopy of the photographic ID of the contestant. Race number bibs must be affixed on top of all clothing, either on the chest or the pelvic area, and must be kept visible at all times during the race. They must not be affixed anywhere else.

Before the start, contestants are required to attend registration by going through the entrance gates of the sealed departure area. At each check point and on arrival, contestants must ensure that they have been correctly registered. Punching is required at each checkpoint so as to ascertain that no contestants are missing between two given checkpoints. Should a contestant omit to register at any checkpoint, all costs incurred as a result of search parties dispatched to find such contestant will be borne by the same contestant. The race number bib is indispensable in order to accede to shuttles, bus, refreshment areas and showers.

Art. 11 – Safety and Medical Assistance
Emergency call points are available at each refreshment point, and are connected to the organisers either by radio or by telephone. Ambulances, civil protection members and medical staff will be present en route.

Emergency areas are available to bring assistance to anybody in danger, either through the organisation’s own means or those of affiliated organisations. Official medical staff may suspend any contestant from the race who is deemed to be unfit. Rescue parties may evacuate in any available convenient manner all contestants deemed to be in danger.

In the event of necessity and in the interests of the rescued party, it will be at the sole discretion of the organisers to elect official rescue operations, including helicopters. Any costs incurred by such exceptional events will be borne by the rescued party as per regulations in place.

By requesting the assistance of medical or rescue staff, contestants submit themselves to their authority and must comply with their decisions.

The entire course is marked with regulation markers, such as stakes, tapes, flagging tapes, organic spray paint and reflectors.

Weather updates will be provided by the local regional weather service.

Art. 12 – Checkpoints and Refreshment Areas
Exceptionally, in the first MonteRosaWalserTrail, contestants participating will be checked only in one location.

Apart from assistance staff, access to the refreshment areas are only granted to contestants wearing clearly visible race number bibs.

A map of the route, published on www.monterosawalsertrail.com, will indicate the refreshment areas, checkpoints and emergency areas. A number of ‘mobile’ checkpoints are included, in addition to the emergency and refreshment areas. Their whereabouts will remain undisclosed by the organisers.

Art. 13 – Maximum time limits and cut-off times
The maximum time allowed for the entire MonteRosaWalserTrail 114 km is 40 hours. The maximum time allowed for the entire MonteRosaWalserTrail 50 km is 14 hours. The cut-off departure times (time barriers) from the main checkpoints will be explained in the itinerary map. The purpose of these cut-off times is to allow contestants to reach the finishing line within the maximum allocated time including any stops, i.e. for resting or food, etc. Contestants will be allowed to continue the race only if they depart from any given checkpoint on time.

Otherwise, they will be disqualified and their race number bib confiscated. Contestants wishing to continue the race without race number bib as a non-competitor, shall do so at their own risk with regard to any possible consequences arising therefrom.

In the event of adverse weather conditions and/or for security reasons, the organisers retain the right to suspend the race at any time, to delay the start of the race, to change the itinerary or to modify cut-off times.

The maximum time allowed for the entire MonteRosaWalserTrail 20 km is 8 hours.

Art. 14 – Withdrawal and Returns

In the event of a contestant wishing to withdraw during the race, he/she must go to a checkpoint as soon as possible to confirm such withdrawal by registering. The organisers will undertake to take him/her back to the Gressoney-La-Trinité base. In the event of failure by a contestant to communicate such withdrawal with consequent dispatch of search teams, all related costs will be borne by the contestant.

Art. 15 – Penalties – Disqualification
A number of inspectors will be present, with authority to perform mandatory equipment verification and, in general, to ensure that terms and conditions are respected. Any contestant not in possession of even one single item of the mandatory equipment will be immediately disqualified without the option to appeal. Any irregularity, verified also via CCTV recordings delivered to the organisers after the race, may also give rise to disqualification. The jury of the race may disqualify a contestant in the event of serious disrespect of the terms and conditions, as follows:

Race number bib incorrectly worn
Exchange of the race number bib with another contestant
Failure to stop at a checkpoint
Partial or total absence of the mandatory equipment
Making use of any transport vehicle
Departure from a checkpoint after the cut-off time
Doping or refusal to undergo anti-doping checks
Failure to assist a fellow contestant in difficulty
Accepting personal assistance outwith the permitted areas
Dispersal of personal equipment along the route
Failure to race unaccompanied along the route
Dispersal of waste material along the route
Pollution or neglect by a contestant or a member of his/her staff
Insults, untoward behaviour or threats against any of the organisers’ staff or volunteers
Refusal, at any time during the race, to allow the organisers’ doctor to perform a health check.

Art. 16 – Complaints

Complaints are only accepted in writing within 30 minutes following the publication of the provisional results against a €50 bail

Art. 17 – Jury
The Jury is composed by:

The director of the race
The officer in charge of coordinating security
The doctor in charge of the medical team
Officers responsible for the checkpoints of the relevant area
All competent individuals as designated by the Chairman of the Organising Committee.

The jury is empowered to rule on any argument or disqualification that has arisen during the race, within a timeframe compatible with the race. Decisions by the jury are not subject to appeal.

Art. 18 – Modifications to the route, or to the cut-off times – Cancellation of the race
The organisers reserve the right to modify at any time and without forewarning the route or the location of the emergency and refreshment areas. In the event of adverse climate conditions such as to jeopardise the safety of the contestants, the departure may be delayed or cancelled, the route may be modified and shortened and the race may be interrupted at any point. Entry fees will not be reimbursed in the event of suspension or cancellation of the race.

Art. 19 – Map of the course
An up-to-date topographical map of the race will be available on the official internet site of the race, i.e. www.monterosawalsertrail.com. Contestants are invited to download and print it. It contains practical information, such as check-point closing times and a description of the itinerary. All updates will be posted on the site. Hard copies of the map are not handed out with the race number bibs.

Art. 20 – Insurance
The organisers will take out liability insurance covering the entire duration of the race. Contestants are fully responsible for their participation and renounce any and all recourse against the organisers in the event of damage and further consequences arising after the race. On withdrawing from the race, all contestants must sign a waiver of release of responsibility.

Art. 21 – Ranking and Prizes
Only contestants who have reached the finishing line in Gressoney-La-Trinité and registered their arrival will be included in the ranking. No money prizes are handed out. Each contestant will receive the ‘Finisher’ prize. There will be an overall male and female ranking for the full race, as well as a general male and female ranking. Awards will go to the top five female and top five male contestants of the Trail. In addition, the top female and male contestants of the following categories will also receive a prize: SENIOR (aged 50 or over) and JUNIOR (aged 21 or under). Prizes for these categories are not cumulative with the ranked ones. Furthermore, there are 50 non-cumulative prizes that may be collected in person only at the time of the draw.

Art. 22 – Rights of Use of Image
Each contestant expressly waives any right to own his/her image being taken during the event and renounces to any recourse against the organisers and their partners in the event of use of such image.